By: Mikaylin Hackley

Zero is a rebel. It stands for nothing, but it is something.

Zero is a thing. We can see it, we talk about it, and we associate it with meaning something.

By being nothing, the number zero makes itself something.

Sometimes I like to think that I’m like zero. I’m a big fan of the impossible. I’d like to think that I am unexpected and a little weird.

Zero challenges people’s thoughts. It’s a nothing that can change a lot.

Any number, no matter how big, can be multiplied by zero and BOOM! It’s nothing too.

Zero makes an impact. It changes things, whether people think it matters or not.


By: Mikaylin Hackley

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the best class in the entire school: Ms. Stephen’s yearbook class.

At the beginning of the year, I was really nervous about this class. There’s a lot of popular people in here, not to mention a scary-sounding workload.

It’s been worth it.

Even though I’m still not the most outwardly friendly person ever, this class has forced me to make some new friends. (Yeah, I know. Only gets cheesier from here.)

I’m proud of the yearbook we finished. It looks awesome and we finished it ON TIME!

Blogging is still not my favorite thing in the world. But this class and specifically this assignment has made me a better writer and really worked out the creative side of my brain.

I’ve loved yearbook class and leaving this class is the hardest part of going to high school.

Over and out,


Xyloid (And Other Random Blog Stuff)

By: Mikaylin Hackley

(Warning: This blog has almost nothing to do with xyloid.)

What can you possibly write about that starts with X? I know a lot of people will write about X-ray stories. I could do that because I have had an x-ray taken, but I don’t want to be boring.

To keep with the spirit of the challenge, I’m paying homage to my A blog.

So, after a 60 word intro, here’s my weird word starting with X:


Xyloid means something relating to wood.

I can’t help wondering who creates these stupid words.

I mean, did someone just shake a bag of scrabble letters and dump them out in a random order and say, “Hey, this looks like a fun word!” and then they just make it mean something just so it means something?

Are there people who just make up new words for a living? That must be a terrible job.

So, as we finish the home stretch of this challenge, I leave you with another challenge:


Make up a new word today! It can be anything as long as it doesn’t already exist!

Here’s mine: Whebufi- A feeling or expression of emotion in an inappropriate situation.


Vloggers I Love

By: Mikaylin Hackley

Even though blogs can be interesting to read, nothing is funnier than my favorite vloggers.

What is a vlog? It’s a video- blog! (Duh!)

Vlogs are good for people who are too lazy or don’t have time to write.

They’re also for people who don’t like to read funny things, they prefer to just sit back and watch. (Myself included.)

Here are some vloggers I can definitely recommend. (If you enjoy laughing.)

1) Jenna Marbles

2) NigaHiga

3) Swoozie

4) Justin James Hughes

Go watch their videos! Now! I’ll put links to my favorite videos of all of the above to get you started:








What If The Sun Disappeared?

By: Mikaylin Hackley

I’ll start by saying that even though I’m using my own words, all the facts in this blog came from this video by Vsause:

The sun is way too massive to simply disappear, but for argument’s sake, let’s say it did.

We wouldn’t even know for 8 minutes; the time it takes for the sun’s light to reach us.

As soon as the sun’s gravity stopped pulling us, we’d start to fly off of our usual orbit and move straight forward from where we were last at.

Plants would no longer be able to produce their own food, causing a major ripple in the food chain. Animal species would quickly start to die out due to a lack of food.

By the first week without the sun, the average global temperature would be around freezing. But by the end of the first year, it’d be -100 degrees.

That temperature is way too cold for life to be sustained.

To put it simply, we’d be in some major trouble unless we could learn to live underground in the core of Earth made of molten lava.




By: Mikaylin Hackley

I am a mess.

I’m that girl who says inappropriate things on accident because I talk to fast.

I’m that girl trips on imaginary and real obstacles, from backpacks to my shoes.

I don’t want to say that I’m unlucky, but I am.

I am an embarrassment waiting to happen.

When I’m dancing, I’m the one who hits people in the face when they’re in front of me.

This blog is pretty much about nothing. Sorry. I do have a plan for tomorrow, though. It’s a good one too.

I have eight more words to go. Tomorrow’s blog will be awesome. Ok. I’m Done.


Ten Things We Wish Guys Knew

By: Mikaylin Hackley

Guys can be so clueless. Girls are mysterious creatures and we know the male brain just can’t handle the crazy. Here’s a few tips we wish you already knew.

1. If you notice something different about us, say something. Even if you don’t know exactly what’s changed, we appreciate the effort because we took extra time to impress you.

2. Guys can do things to each other that girls find down right cruel. We can take a joke, but you just can’t make fun of us the way you pick on your guy friends.

3. Nine out of ten times, we don’t care about video games, cars, or rappers that aren’t cute. You don’t want to hear about shoe deals and lip gloss, so let’s just do each other both a favor and not make each other want to take a nap.

4. As I’ve said before, we read into things extremely hard. Be clear with actions please. If you’re flirting, just flirt. Most girls need some extra reassurance once in a while that it isn’t all in our heads.

5. This applies mostly to people who are already together. Don’t think too hard about Valentine’s or birthday gifts. You don’t have to spend your college fund on a diamond necklace, just give us something that shows us you care. (Homemade anything is a total winner.)

6. We love fear and vulnerability. There is nothing more adorable than being nervous and embarrassing yourself around us. Don’t bother trying to be fearless, use your fear as a weapon. We are suckers for nerves.

7. If we make even the smallest move ever, meet us halfway. It’s so hard for us to put ourselves “out there,” so if we do, help us out a little!

8. Don’t be gross. It’s not funny. Ever.

9. Most girls are extremely insecure around guys. Never, ever, ever, NEVER, tell us if you think we’re dressed weird, or our hair looks crappy. We will carry that around with us forever and always feel panic when you see us.

10. Take all of this with caution. I’m not like all girls so I tried to keep this general but some things just don’t apply to all of us. I guess my parting words of advice are to play it by ear because not all ofus are the same.



Someone Like You

By: Mikaylin Hackley

I promised myself I’d  devote a blog to my awesome friends in yearbook. I’m glad I have Someone Like You! (See what I did there?) 🙂

Rosie- You have a lot of weird cartoon voices and you’re totally obsessed with Disney. You’re super smart and you rock!

Perla- Your accent can be confusing but it makes your sneezes sound like puppies. You’re nice and weird but you, sadly, don’t have a mustache.

Alex- You’re my yearbook partner and a unicorn. Can’t get much better than that. Keep being awesome!

Darby- I knew you before we even were in kindergarten. Its been really cool to get to know you again and have fun in eighth grade next year.

Maddie- Mrs. Dixon, you are thoroughly obsessed with The Walking Dead. You have a weird fascination with mermaids and Chinese food. You’re popular but you’re still really nice about it. Your my math buddy and my fellow blonde in disguise.

Amanda- No comment. Just kidding. (Maybe.) What can I possibly say about you? You’re a little socially awkward but I wouldn’t change that if I could. You’re my best friend and I’m so glad that I’m on the short list of people you can open up to. Most of the most important things I’ve learned I’ve learned from you. I will never again get stuck in a bathroom full of Mexican dancers. You’re a great dancer and cheerleader and tumbler and stuff. Sorry for the cheesy, but it’s all true. (There, I’ve done it again. Sorry for the cheesy I know you hate it.)

Yeah, so this blog isn’t all that funny so here’s some funny friend quotes I found:


By: Mikaylin Hackley

I think the title pretty much sums this up. If you do any of these things, KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF! (Myself included………..)

If you borrow my stuff, I don’t JUST expect it back. I expect a thank you and a silent promise to let me borrow your stuff if I need to.

If you notice food in my teeth or anything like that, just tell me nicely. No need to point and laugh for 10 minutes before letting me knock.

If I ask for an opinion on something, be honest. Don’t sugarcoat because someone else may something later.

If I’m having a conversation, with anyone, don’t talk to me. Simple as that. Leave me alone and let me finish what I’m saying because if you interupt me I’ll forget what I was going to say and the person I was talking to will never know what I wanted to say because I’ll forget so just don’t interrupt me!

I’m not in the best of moods today…………………………..

Quite a Challenge

By: Mikaylin Hackley

This challenge has been, well, a challenge.

Blogging everyday is really hard. Some blogs just can’t be as awesome as others because finding inspiration and beating writer’s block isn’t meant to be a daily challenge.

On the plus side, I have practiced and learned a little about blogging for entertainment. I’ve found some really good blogs and I’ve actually been getting comments! (If you’re reading this, thanks for reading this and leaving a comment below!)

This blog has become a mix of a diary for my most random thoughts and a news website about stuff only weird people like me care about.

Even though this challenge was a required journalism assignment, I’m glad I’ve experienced this.